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Ice Queen 03:13
with icy-blue eyes she has got your soul and does what she wants with icy-blue hair wrapped around your skull she's got you where she needs wish I could pour a warm bucket of water over you and watch you melt away, watch you melt away your icy heart is not welcome here anymore and your icy lips, they are not mine I'm closing that door
Green Dao 04:58
- instrumental -
Good Boy 05:53
well there's nothing like the smell of money, baby tell me your dreams, i will make them come true don't be intimidated, ride this wave with me count yourself lucky than it's happening to you come take my hand and I show you the world be a good girl you don't have to be rich to make it here you don't have to be a psycho but it helps I brought you in, kids. So let's get one thing clear fuck me and I will drown you, welp do great things I will laugh at the void be a good boy
I become so custom to this tail I hope I fare well on the outside when I gorge myself on mosqitos and drank so much water that you might think I would sink one day I'm gonna hop this fence but that all depends on what lies beyond and I'm so sad I got to leave but I'm begging you, please I left my presence at the door right before it breaks into the tiniest of pieces right before it breaks into the tiniest of pieces down in the smog I'm going pollywog to frog up on the ground is barren life can be found right before it breaks into the tiniest of pieces right untill it breaks into the tiniest of pieces
Scattered 06:24
I can not feel or move my hands they're moving on their own I got to know, I wish I knew where they're heading they call me and now my legs begin to move I follow them into the dark into the dark recesses of my scattered mind and watch them bloom again and now my hands begin to shake I'm putting clumps out of my skull I got to know, I wish I knew there's no hope, no way out life's a joke, figure it out now Im free of all my fears I'm grinning ear to ear to ear my eyes light up, my hands begin to shake they call me scattered 'member the first who used that name I wear it like a badge of honor on my chest I don't know how to explain all I know is I know best there's no hope, no way out life's a joke, you attempt caught in a trap, can't find my way out noone's searching here down in the grasp it can seem so damned empty standing in clouds always looking down, it's allright up here from where I stand there's a drop into a hole I watch stones disappear


This EP was recorded in Rising Dao's sacred rooms in Berlin


released April 26, 2017

Producing, Mixing, Mastering by Miguel Alejandro Lagos (Quincy Cojones)

Cover Painting: Bloom (Denmark)

released April 26, 2017


all rights reserved



RISING DAO Berlin, Germany

RD met for the first time in their mountain top dojo to make smashing psychedelic rock. Due to the rising cost of the rent due to mountain top gentrification they have had to move into a practise room in Berlin. Comprised of five members

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