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"Fungus Mungus" is the first studio album by Berlin based band Rising Dao. It was recorded over 4 days in may 2018 at Big Snuff Studio Berlin. All songs & lyrics are written and performed by the band itself. Whether the subject matter is political injustice or the exploration of different mind states, they never lose a sense of humour, nor a certain musical style.

dr/perc - Max L.
git/backvoc - Tony G.
org/backvoc - Hans K.
git/voc - Liam J. P.
b - Flo M.

Guest musicians:
sitar - Benny G. (Track3)
voc - Jordan E. D. (Track5)

Produced, mastered by Nene Baratto

Artwork by Christoph Knitter

Illustrations by David Herbrechter


released November 4, 2018


all rights reserved



RISING DAO Berlin, Germany

RD met for the first time in their mountain top dojo to make smashing psychedelic rock. Due to the rising cost of the rent due to mountain top gentrification they have had to move into a practise room in Berlin. Comprised of five members

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Track Name: Falun Gong

hello, I'll be your warden for tonight
are you sitting right?
we want what's inside of you
and stitch you up with super-glue
isn't it great what super-glue can do for you?

how d'you like your cell?
built above an oil well
admit that you were wrong
submit you Falun Gong!

we gave you homes
we gave you life
we gave you everything
you threw it back in our face

how d'you like your cell?
your death will be our oil well
admit that you were wrong
submit you Falun Gong

we gave you homes
we gave you life
we gave you everything
and still you ask for more!

you can be so free
you can have it all
you can stand with me
on a tower ten feet tall

admit that you were wrong!
Track Name: Detestable Creatures

detestable creatures, stagnant pool in the palm of my hand
watch them work for their merrits worth
playing into the hands of a man
who hates what he sees
detests what he knows
speaks in foreign tongues
like an emperor, he wears no clothes

remember you're another brick,
another prick of the thorn in their side
Theseus' ship remained the same
although his crew now sails another tide
remember you're another brick,
another brick in that wall
they take you out, it's bound to crumble

down into a pile of sand in my palm
watch it blow away
'till every last grain is gone
you hate what you know
detest what you see
bound to live your life
as a misanthropic nobody

don't you think it's funny how it's always you and never someone else?
don't you know these thoughts will make you want to...

better find another place to spit
'cause I won't be having none if it
dirty boy, you dirty you
better find another place to spit

don't you spit into my hand and tell me
'cause you spit into my hand
you just spit into my hand
and wash away the pain with those grubby finger stains you just...
Track Name: Visit

I'm visiting the harem
and it won't be long
I might stay out until this night turns into dawn
and then I´ll pick me one from the crowd
yes you know, that it might get loud
you might go insane

visiting my girls tonight
'till the morning light
if I said four or five then you know that it would be a lie
and then we retire beneath the sheets
you're so sweet, to be a part of me
with my part in you
you might go insane

I'm vising the harem, baby
and I'm feeling sick
If I'd throw upon myself
would you think that I'm a total dick?
then we go to a cold dark room
it's your tomb, find myself on you
you might go insane
Track Name: Stay In Your Dreams

are my eyes opened or closed? I can't be sure
and so I try to fly, and it turns out I can glide
don't want to see the sun. It's not too bright
I stay in my dream and never wake up
If this is heaven, I would die right now

while others live alive, in bed you lie
reach the higher plane!
and just like space debris, gravity pulls you down again
when you come down to earth heaven seems so far away
you stay in your dream and never wake up

oh, how I wish I could go back to sleep
because you haunt me in my dreams
Track Name: Bow Down

all the pretty signs really speak my mind
I leave my sense behind 'till your voice is mine
your voice is treacle, trickle through my brain
I never learn or listen. What I have to gain?

you're much (we own)
much too young
too simple to know
when you've been stung
you're much (you all)
much too young
so give us your vote or face that gun!

(bow down)
shut up and dance, sucker
shut up and dance!
(bow down)
shut up and listen to the people in charge, we got your number

I have the power to change the world cosmetically
the tool to alter lifes dramatically
it's a deterrant against the rest
trust in me, I use it best
watch this world go up in flames
I ask the lord, in whom I trust
give me the strenght when the time comes
to be more then just a loser
Track Name: GAS

come take me by the hand
I'll lead you through mist-laden lands
living chemical dreams
grasping at what it means

the fear that grips my soul is an animal howling at the moon
flash of pearly teeth in an ink black sea, I resist the doom
the path I walk is endless as my beast becomes a boar
the waves will crash relentless on the shore

the way stretches so far
down a moon-painted path
will the voice inside my mind
stay till the end of time?

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